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If you are a business or an entrepreneur in need of highly innovative Electrical Engineering Design services
to meet challenging product requirements, please contact Steven R. Stadler, P.E. at InCircuits, Inc.

We are looking forward to discussing your project requirements.


"What We Do for You"

InCircuits Incorporated works with companies who are developing new electronics products to find
solutions to custom electronics design problems so their new products can be designed, manufactured and sold.

The use of professional CAD tools and Laboratory equipment gives InCircuits, Incorporated Engineering
the capability of providing high quality and highly reliable product designs that are timely and cost effective.

- Together We Make Ideas Become Reality -


InCircuits, Incorporated Capabilities and Experience to support the Electrical Engineering Design Process for





"How We Do What We Do for You"


InCircuits Design Center

InCircuits Design Center

Altium Designer is used for Schematics, simulations, FPGA design, pcb layout, and BOM.
Ultra Edit Studio and IAR compilers are used for embedded software.
Adobe products and Microsoft Office are used for presentations,
Subversion SVN and Bug Tracker are used for configuration management.
etc., etc., etc.,


Wolfram Mathematica
is used for performing calculations and
keeping a record of the needed calculations



Impeller Pitch = 40 mm/revolution


miles per revolution of impeller




speed = 7158196/speedcount;

Spikey Created with Wolfram Mathematica 7.0




Solder Stencil

InCircuits Solder Stencil setup for applying Lead Free Solder Paste
for SMT PCB Assembly



Artic Reflow Oven

InCircuits Reflow Oven for Lead Free Solder SMT PCB Assembly

Yep ..... it's a modified toaster oven with a closed loop temperature controller, and I sometimes laugh just like you did when
I look at this, but it does work quite well, and the cost is relatively low. This is used for proof of concept and breadboard hardware.


Reflow Temperature Profile

InCircuits Reflow Oven Temperature Profile for Lead Free SMT PCB Assembly



Inspection and Rework Station

InCircuits Assembly, Inspection, and Rework Station



Test Validation and Verification Equipment

InCircuits Electronics Test Validation and Verification Equipment

Standard equipment as well as custom instrumentation measurement circuitry

The custom measurement circuitry shown here is an AC current integrator circuit instrumented with
a Linear Technology 24 bit High Speed Delta Sigma Analog to Digital converter
The measurement noise floor was less than 4 ppm, so very precise measurements were possible.



Benchtop Milling Machine

InCircuits Machine Shop

Benchtop Milling Machine, Drill Press, Band Saw, Power Miter, and Dremel Moto-tool
are used for fabricating proof of concept and breadboard mechanical components and packaging




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